Handling the eCommerce and other online businesses more strategically and organizing them with more accuracy is a vital role to play. Keeping track of the finance, accounting, risk management, data management is much crucial to arrange everything in the matter of manufacturing and to distribute involved businesses.

The competitive market requires more involvement in the compact and systematic organization of the processes. That’s why the demand for ERP tools for vital technology solutions is growing among e-commerce sellers and online business organizations.

For having exact information about the routes of the sales and the deals made by the online business and e-commerce platforms, it is important to employ the best quality ERP solution for more managed results.

Now lets start with basic

What are ERP Solutions?

ERP solutions or Enterprise resource planning are the types of software that are availed by the organizations for managing their regular business activities.

Such activities include accounting, financing, project and sales management, growth and warehouse fulfilment, risk management, and many more.

The ERP process gathers all the information or data related to the business that uses integrated software for keeping track of all the important domains necessary for the smooth accomplishment of e-commerce or online business marketing.

Here are some of the benefits that come with the availing of ERP services.

  • More focused IT costs for improved efficiency without concentrating on the growing resources are best for staying consistent with one system.
  • Along with better visibility and better insight into the business, it offers constant reporting and planning of the entire system. The ERP system service offers a fast and easy generating of quick and real-time analytics; it is easy to master.
  • The ERP system service serves the better modularity that grows and shapes as per the business needs. Most of the ERP system software comes with a cloud-based system, which is much effective for data generation and proper management.
  • Also, the ERP system comes with better customer service benefits through easy marketing automation and better customer interaction. With up-to-date data automation and end-to-end tracking, better insight has been offered through the ERP software.

Top 9 ERP Solutions for E-commerce

Well, for efficient management of your business activities, you need to avail of an e-commerce reliable ERP solution that covers all the required services for enhanced data security and quality maintenance.

There are plenty of ERP solutions in the market that may be a daunting task for you to choose the right one. Here are the 9 ERP solutions that you can choose for a better enterprise resource planning system for your e-commerce or online business:

1. Odoo

Odoo eCommerce Services is an advance-featured application of Odoo ERP which assists the business user to develop, establish, and manage all the eCommerce website and operations effectively. Odoo ERP for eCommerce helps its users to manage all their eCommerce business functionalities such as inventory, warehouse, purchase orders, shipments, promotions, and payment gateway services using the Odoo eCommerce integration services.

Also, an eCommerce website development may take days and at times even months to make a profound online presence. Odoo ERP for eCommerce simplifies the entire process through which the business user can set up the eCommerce store within a few hours using the inbuilt Odoo website editor.

Why is Odoo ERP for eCommerce essential for your online business?

  • Odoo acts as a simplified all-in-one management tool using which all the front and back end ecommerce business functionalities can be managed efficiently.
  • By implementing Odoo eCommerce solutions, the user can experience the benefits of advanced Odoo ERP features.
  • Further, the Odoo ERP assists with the Odoo eCommerce integration features which helps its business users to streamline and automate their work systems.

Features of Odoo eCommerce

Odoo eCommerce services comprise various advanced features which makes the eCommerce website development and services much easier. The following are some of the advanced unique features of Odoo eCommerce services.

2. Brightpearl

It is a cloud-based ERP tool designed for retailers and wholesalers, irrespective of the size of their business. It helps in automating the back office, which is useful for keeping the merchants’ focus on the customers and the business strategies.

The complete back-office solution provided by Brightpearl includes the complete management of the sales order, financial field, CRM, or customer relationship management. Besides that, it also takes care of the managing programs of the purchasing and supply, along with the warehouse and the logistics.

Brightpearl works by offering the real-time financial insights of the business along with the inventory sales and purchasing. Therefore, the tracking of the daily basis selling, order creation, integrated shipping, flexible returns, sales, and profitability in real-time, maintaining accurate inventories, decreasing the risk of overselling- Brightpearl manages them all.

With the use of the integrated CRM system to support the real-time tracking of the customer interactions through calls, emails of the product supplier, retail customer, wholesale clients.

It also offers a variety of services through the training and support by their expert team for the better handling of the entire process. With the centralization of the accounting, sales, purchasing, and sales, it reports the data into a single system.

Therefore, the integrated warehousing offers more coordination with the customers, who operate their business across several inventory locations in the areas where the products are needed most.

With sales and order management, accounting, and supplier management, warehouse fulfilment gets proper completion.

The automatic update through all the channels for better visibility and constantly updated data the determination of the enhanced stock lets the growth become smooth and decreases the risk factors for an easy accomplishment of the e-commerce sites.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft is another very popular ERP service provider that offers a very strategic service to all sizes of business. It’s ERP tool uses the Dynamics of the 365 Platform. This particular platform consists of six separate products like – Microsoft AX, SL, CRM, NAV, GP, RMS. Microsoft Dynamics offers strong functional support for the distributors and the manufactures that is apt for the manufacturer and distributors under the e-commerce sites and the online business.

For both the larger and medium-sized companies, the Microsoft AX offers financial management and operations. Alongside it comes with the other solutions for the purchasing, supply chain management, production planning and control, financial controlling, mobile and service, sales and marketing, for easy management of the entire process.

Diverse businesses like planning and construction, wholesale retailers, manufacturing and processing companies, project-oriented service companies, or discrete manufacturing- anyone can avail the Microsoft ERP for better


ORACLE NETSUITE is popular for its robust functionality and long-term value-added along with its well-managed ERP service. For the streamline businesses and the fast-growing improvement, NETSUITE works in a more precise way.

With the automating of the keys in the functional areas, which are the most required field for the virtual business. Important solutions like revenue, finance, order and inventory management, billing, CRM, etc.

Finance Management includes finance and accounting, revenue recognition, planning reporting, global accounting, billing, risk, and compliances. With the order management, pricing, and promotion, order and return management, etc.

The warehouse fulfilment has been done through the inbound and outbound logistics, warehouse management system, inventory management, core HR functionality, Payroll, etc. for the compact monitoring of the back end service.

5. ECI Software Solutions

It is one of the most efficient ERP solution tools which uses cloud-based technology for data analyzation and processing.

Having its best reputation as the support system for the manufacturing, service technologies, office supplying, etc., it has been working in this field for 20 years. ECI provides the Macola ERP for the manufactures and the distributors.

Other efficient tools like the JobBOSS for shop management and the MAX ERP for the discrete manufactures the various services have been served through best customer support and easy processing.

Multiple ranges of business organizations, with their small size of business or large e-commerce marketing for their hardware retailing, equipment maintenance and building construction, office tech, etc., can avail the ECI software solution for the high-end management.

As a solution-based software for financial organizing, human resource modulation, manufacturing management, purchasing, and inventory management, the escalation of easy growth comes more organically.

Along with the sales and growth tracking and analyzing the technical product characteristics, the management of the manufacturers and businesses gets easier.

6. Sage

For the small and medium-sized companies, Sage offers the high-end latest technology for easy automation of each and every backend services necessary for the e-commerce and online business so that the owners can stay focused on the improvement of the business strategy.

Especially for those who are emerging or budding in the field of online business, Sage supports them with easy and fast growth along with its 3 different products suitable for various purposes and solution-based marketing. With the X3, it serves as the ERP software solution for the mid-sized of the small enterprises that are new in the ground.

Therefore, the 100 is for the small and mid-sized manufacturers with aspire to become big. The 300 is for the multiple location-based manufacturers. The model of the Sage includes the manufacturing, distribution, and accounting for the business.

It also includes the tracking and completion of customer relationship management, business intelligence, and human resources.

With web-based software like X3, it is appropriate for the mobile devices for the easy processing of each service. The Sage is configurable and comes with easy customization, as per the role and preferences of the user, to help them invite more growth in an easy and organized way.

7. Aquilon Software

This ERP-based software tool for the best business solutions was founded in 2006. After that, it has met several developments and growth as a reliable Software supporting tool for the ERP system, which allows it to add more efficiency in helping the small or budding companies to grow faster.

The manufacturing modules of the Aquilon Software uses the end to end process for and real-time start to finish method. All the necessary services like financial management like the MRP, growth, orders.

With the implementation of the fast toolkit, it imports the data related to opening balance, order history, etc., for reducing the optional cost.

Customer service improvement is served for fully integrated business processes. Moreover, the increased sale and the margins with the proper planning, processing, and management of the reporting system helps in easy managing.

It comes with the instant drive visibility using the accurate real-time data for the up to date data for a fast batch processing. With the 360 degree inquiries, it comes with a multitude of standard reports that offers easy organizing of all the data and efficient management.

With the regular updates, it works with the latest technologies appropriate for small enterprises and businesses.

8. Magento

Well known as the free and open-source ERP solution, this e-commerce software works with all the basic tools which are appropriate for an easy and efficient setup for e-commerce or an online business platform.

It allows the customers to create the category and landing of the pages, with the easy and appropriate handling of the shipment and order approving, the constant generating of the reports about sales and growth of the website.

Therefore, the constant addition of the plugins and the extensions are user-friendly and offer consistent improvement of the customer’s website for making it better every day.

With the creation of the fully functional service, it offers the best suit to all types of retailing and e-commerce services.

With the multitude of updated data and the add ons, the data has been added periodically, which provides continuous and easy growth of the company in a fast way. The creation of the power system for a more managed operation collects more customer data for enhancing their shopping experience.

There is no need for any special skills, and that’s too quick. With the constant stock update and better visibility, along with the robust CRM, it enhances the growth of the company.

Therefore, the order management and the public listing, combined with the sales reporting and invoice import, linked to the payment and account tracking it comes with the fast elevation of the growth strategy in a cost-effective way.

9. osCommerce

This is another free open source e-commerce solution tool for the most enhanced ERP service which acts as a software provider with its trusted reputation in the market for the last 15 years. with their more improvements and add ons over these years; it has met more efficiency in its service offered for helping the growing e-commerce companies.

The offerings are made with their highly customizable service for your online store osCommerce is appropriate for taking care of both the front-end store catalogue and the backend management stuff like the sales and finance managing, product adding, etc.

With its easy installation, it comes with tons of features like the product and catalogue management, as per the manufacturing, categories, and attributes of the products.

Moreover, the other sub-services like special offer management, customer management, tax handling, order processing, report producing, language, and currency setting for an easier and user-interactive design.

It also uses advanced tools for the banner control, database backup, security check, and cache control for a smooth operation of the e-commerce sites.

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ERP software system is growing in the market for its efficient and effective services that make the journey smoother for any giant companies or small startups in the field of e-commerce and online business.

Availing an ERP solution manages the backend system that cuts your cost for the individual services, thereby letting you stay focused on your company’s strategy. You can opt for any of the above-mentioned ERP solutions to upgrade your company for e-commerce and other virtual businesses.

If you are still not sure which ERP is best for your business then you can always get in touch with our team of experts who can consult you to choose the best ERP software for your business. Contact Us