Are we missing Local Business and local shops?

The answer is yes.

We all are focusing on hashtag#Corporates and hashtag#startups for helping them out in their growth some or the other way Yesterday one of my fellow connection Kunal Bagai shared post on what all sectors will face downfall you can check that out as well But we forgot to mention about small and local businesses. Though Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the “#VocalForLocal” movement in India local shops will hit harder than the recession in 2008 and before that.

There are mainly two reasons for this according to me.

1) Due to COVID19 customers are more concerned about their health and sanitization. So they tend to ignore local shops and start buying from online. As big giants are assuring safety and hashtag#homedelivery.

2) Due to the coming recession and not receiving salary from months, they remain no cash to buy non-essential products. And local grocery shops, Stationery shops, Novelty shops, and the list is endless.

This can lead to anxiety which my friend Janki has explained in her blog (Click here)

Now the question is Can we do something for them?

Drop your thoughts in the comments section.